Public Recording of PAUS podcast


The first-ever public recording of the PAUS podcast with Kristina Birk-Vellemaa on the topic "How to keep the spark alive in a relationship." At the event, we will hear a lively and inspiring discussion between PAUS host Evelin Melnikov and sexologist Kristina Birk-Vellemaa on the topic "How to keep the spark alive in a relationship". An exciting Q&A will follow the interview.


The public recording will take place in the new and cozy REaD bookstore of the Põhjala factory already on October 28 at 10:30 am.


19,90€ | Early Bird

Until 1st of October. Discount Code EARLYBIRD_PAUS

15€ | CARÁ Club Member

25€ | Regular Ticket


REaD bookstore, Marati 5, Tallinn (Põhjala tehas)

Jesmonite Workshop


We invite you to the CARÁ private workshop, where we work with a material called jesmonite. Create a unique product that you would like to see in your interior - be it a jewelry stand, a vase, etc. See more inspiration here.

No special skills are needed, just come. You could say that the process itself is even meditative, and good company is guaranteed. Unlike clay master classes, you don't have to paint your result a second time because jesmonite dries in 20-40 minutes, so you can take it home in its finished form.


The event will take place 8.10 at 14:00 (please consider 2-3 hours for the workshop).


60€ | Regular

55€ | CARÁ Club Member

The price includes the preparation of either two small or one large product + drinks and snacks.


Jesmo Studio, Toompuiestee 21

Lecture: Newborn Care

Lecture: The 4th Trimester & (Breast)Feeding

Workshop - Physical Birth Preparation

Lecture - All you need to know about birth


Fertility Doctor Consultation


Grete - From the beginning

My journey with Anu started at the very beginning of my pregnancy, at 14+6 weeks of pregnancy, in pregnancy yoga. At first I went to the classes with the aim of moving more, then soon the Sunday yoga classes became the most awaited moment of the week.

Thanks to the fact that Anu is an (assistant) midwife in addition to being a yoga teacher for pregnant women, in addition to a pleasant workout, I also received a lot of emotional support from the classes and constantly gained new knowledge about pregnancy and the upcoming birth.

For a (first-time) pregnant woman, Anu is the perfect combination! Even though I was booked in a completely different hospital, at the end of the pregnancy it seemed the only right thing to do was to give birth with Anu. The whole birthing process was perfect for me.

Anu has a great ability to be present and supportive at all times, while giving space to the birthing woman. In my visual image, I was moving on the mat in the CARÁ yoga room for almost the entire birth. In difficult moments, Anu reminded me of what I had learned in class and, if necessary, guided me back to the right techniques.

In more complex situations, Anu explained what was important and handled it very skill-fully, involving other specialists (midwife, doctor, etc.) if necessary. For my husband, it was the second birth, and in his opinion, unlike the previous one, it was a very professional birth.

In addition to the weekly yoga classes, my husband and I also attended the childbirth preparation lecture at CARÁ, where we received all the necessary knowledge. I can't imagine how I would have coped with the birth without all the appropriate preparation.

Anu's calmness, professionalism and excellent cooperation not only with me but also with my husband made the birth a much more special experience than I could have expected.

Looking back, those 12.5 hours went by amazingly fast, and all I can remember from the whole night is the brightness. I can't put into words the feeling of gratitude for Anu's constant support during the entire pregnancy and in the maternity hospital.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU from me, my husband and our son! ❤️